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 Don’t want to give up that short walk to the bus stop or favorite morning coffee spot just to have a home that fits your growing needs?

Let’s update your current home and make it work for you.

There are many reasons to need a complete home renovation in Calgary. From an out-dated interior to a home no longer fits the needs of you and your family. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to help turn your old home into your new home with no postal code change required.

calgary home renovations
calgary home renovations

Complete Home Renovations

  • Poly-B plumbing/ Aluminum wiring - Insurance companies are reluctant to insure people that have homes with Poly B plumbing or Aluminum wiring. Tartin Wood is very familiar with the removal and replacement of these issues.
  • Asbestos - Asbestos is a known carcinogen and a known cause of mesothelioma (cancer). We have the expertise to test, remove, and dispose of this harmful substance.
  • Additions - Do you need more space in your already great home? Whether you want your home to increase in size up or out, we have the expertise to achieve your dreams.
  • Layout changes - If we are completing a major renovation on your home already why not make it flow the way you want. We can create a new pantry, extra bathroom, remove walls, increase the size of your kitchen. The possibilities are endless!
  • Heating comfort - Do you live in an older home that has rooms that are colder than others? We have many tools in our arsonal to make you more comfortable. These include but are not limited to adding insulation in key areas, adding heating ducts in a room, adding a cold air return, or replacing doors and windows. Let's chat about the best option for you.
  • Equity built up in home - If you bought your home only a few years ago you have potentially built up a lot of equity. You may have thought about moving, why not stay in the neighborhood you love and transform your home into something that makes you happy.

We recently had Tartin Wood complete a project in our basement. Aric and his team were friendly, thorough, and efficient. We found them to be excellent communicators and really appreciated the information they provided to us along the way. They did a great job on the project, and we were impressed by how clean they left the space. We would definitely use Tartin Wood again and highly recommend them to our friends and family.

Corinne Harbidge Sefton

Financing Available

Do you need a complete home renovation but don’t want to use all your available cash? Why not spread the payment out over time? Check out our financing page and contact us to get approved fast.

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