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10 Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Over time, like every room of a home, the bathroom will need updating, fixtures will wear out and need replacing, and the overall room will start looking like it needs an upgrade. Renovating a bathroom can help improve its functionality and aesthetics and can increase your home’s overall value. Bathrooms are well-used rooms in any home. Having a comfortable and functional bathroom for your needs can make the space more enjoyable.

1. Update fixtures

A great way to modernize an older bathroom is to update the fixtures. Replace old faucets, showerheads, and towel bars with modern, stylish options that suit your taste. Match the finish of all of the hardware and fixtures to bring the room together. Choose styles that have similar shapes, finishes, or textures. 

2. Upgrade lighting

 Install new light fixtures or add task lighting near the vanity mirror to enhance visibility and create a pleasant ambiance. If you are finding that your existing bathroom lights cast an orange or blue light, change to a lightbulb that has a new temperature with compatible wattage. Match the lighting fixtures to the new hardware and fixtures for a uniform look. 

3. Replace the vanity

Upgrade your bathroom’s focal point by installing a new vanity with a more contemporary design and improved storage options. A custom bathroom vanity can add both functionality and style to any bathroom. With a custom vanity, get as many drawers and shelves as you need, and keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean. 

4. Install a new toilet

Consider replacing an outdated toilet with a more water-efficient and aesthetically pleasing model. As a general rule of thumb, toilets should be replaced around every 25 years on average. If your toilet was installed before the early 2000s, replacing your toilet with a newer, more water-efficient model.

5. Refresh the walls

Repaint the walls with a fresh coat of paint or add stylish wallpaper to give your bathroom a new look. Adding some wallpaper to all, or even half of the space can make your bathroom look more inviting and feel more like your personal space. Add space and light with an extra mirror, or add personality with a piece of art. 

6. Replace the flooring

To update the bathroom’s overall appearance, consider installing new flooring materials such as ceramic tiles, vinyl planks, or laminate. Functional flooring is important-especially in a bathroom. You want something that is easy to clean. If you are worried about bathroom falls, choosing flooring that is not overly slippery may be the best option. Of course, a fun, stylish bathmat is still recommended. 

7. Update the shower or bathtub

 Replace an old shower or bathtub with a modern, stylish version. For a luxurious touch, consider adding features like a rainfall showerhead or a whirlpool tub. When installed correctly, showers and baths can become the room’s focal point. With so many options, ranging from simple, clean lines to stunning walk-in showers, tubs, and shower/bath options, the options are limitless. 

8. Enhance storage options

Storage options can be elegant and functional, and not just functional. Install new shelving units, medicine cabinets, or floating shelves to improve storage options and keep the bathroom organized. Use re-fillable storage options for products such as shampoo, soap and conditioner to reduce clutter. 

9. Upgrade the mirror

Replace the existing mirror with a larger, framed mirror or install multiple mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness and add a decorative element.

10. Add accessories and accents 

Incorporate new towels, rugs, window treatments, and other accessories that complement the bathroom’s overall style, making it feel cohesive and inviting.

Before starting any bathroom renovation project, make sure that you have an experienced team doing the installation of new fixtures and fittings. Tartin Wood has experience transforming outdated bathrooms into fresh, modern rooms. We can handle everything from tubs and showers to custom vanities, flooring and more. We offer full bathroom renovations in Calgary, Alberta, at competitive prices due to our close working relationships with bathroom manufacturers and skilled labor. If you want to learn more about how we can help with all of your bathroom renovation needs, contact us.