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Do you want to create a space that you can enjoy without having your neighbours staring at you? Our Calgary deck and fence professionals can transform your yard into a place where you can relax and separate yourself from the world. Here are some advantages of using Tartin:

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Advantages of Choosing Tartin As Your Fence And Deck Builders Calgary

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, Tartin stands out as a reliable partner. Our team of professionals specializes in deck and fence renovations, offering a range of benefits to homeowners in Calgary.

Fully Customizable fence Panel Styles:

Tartin takes pride in providing fully customizable panel styles for your fence. This ensures that your outdoor space not only offers privacy but also aligns with your unique aesthetic preferences.

Diverse Material Options – Wood, Composite, Vinyl:

Choose from a diverse range of materials, including wood, composite, and vinyl, to create a Calgary deck or fence that suits your style and meets your functional needs. Our professionals are well-versed in working with these materials to achieve optimal results.

Concrete-Installed Posts for Stability:

Stability is crucial for the longevity of your fence. Tartin ensures posts are securely installed in concrete, providing a robust foundation that can withstand the test of time and environmental elements.

Custom Heights for Personalized Privacy:

Tailor the height of your fence to meet your specific privacy requirements. Our professionals at Tartin understand the importance of a personalized touch when it comes to creating your outdoor sanctuary.

Paint and Stain Options for Aesthetic Appeal:

Add a touch of personality to your deck with our wide range of paint and stain options. Tartin offers choices that not only protect your deck from the elements but also enhance its visual appeal.

Minimal Impact on Grass:

We understand the value of your green space. Tartin ensures that the installation process has minimal impact on your grass, allowing your lawn to thrive even after the renovation.

Yearly Cleaning and Re-staining Packages:

Maintenance is key to preserving the beauty of your deck and fence. Inquire about our yearly cleaning and re-staining packages to keep your outdoor space looking as good as new.

Competitive Prices for Renovations in Calgary:

At Tartin, we believe in providing high-quality services at great prices. Our competitive rates make it feasible for homeowners in Calgary to invest in a Calgary deck and fence renovations without breaking the bank.

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Deck Builders Calgary: Building Your Customized Outdoor Haven

Calgary Deck Builder Specifications:

For those looking to host friends and family in style, consider building a custom deck with Tartin. Our deck specifications include:

Deck Boards – Wood or Composite:

Choose from a variety of deck boards, including the classic warmth of wood or the modern durability of composite materials.

Deck Railings – Wood, Composite, or Metal:

Customize your deck railings with a selection of materials, including wood for a natural look, composite for low maintenance, or metal for a contemporary touch.

Custom Deck Lighting and Feature Wall:

Illuminate your evenings with custom lighting options and add a feature wall to elevate the aesthetics of your deck.

Covered Decks:

Ensure year-round usability by opting for a covered deck, protecting you and your guests from the elements.

Why Choose Tartin as your Calgary Deck Builder?

Commitment to a Clean Yard:

Our dedication to customer satisfaction includes taking measures to protect your yard during the construction process. We understand the value of your outdoor space, and our team ensures that the renovation process leaves minimal impact on your surroundings.

Qualified Calgary Deck Builders Calgary:

Tartin prides itself on having a team of qualified installers who bring professionalism and expertise to every project. Our employees are not only skilled craftsmen but also courteous and respectful, ensuring a positive experience from start to finish.

Waterproof House Connection:

One of the common concerns in deck construction is water penetration leading to rot. Tartin addresses this issue with a specialized process that creates a waterproof connection between your house and deck, eliminating worries about potential damage.



Insight into Deck Features: Making Informed Choices

When Do You Need a Railing?

Deck railings serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Our experts guide you on when and why you need a railing, providing insights into the various materials available.

The Role of Deck Spindles:

Deck spindles contribute to the safety and aesthetics of your deck. Learn how to choose the right spindles to complement your deck design while meeting safety standards.

Maintaining your Calgary Decks appeal: Ensuring Longevity and Aesthetic Appeal

Yearly Cleaning and Re-staining Packages:

Beyond the initial installation, Tartin offers comprehensive maintenance packages. Inquire about yearly cleaning and re-staining packages to keep your deck looking fresh and well-maintained.

Exploring the Art of building Calgary Decks: Deck Builder’s Insights

The Craft of  Calgary Deck Builders:

Our deck builders in Calgary bring a wealth of expertise to every project. Discover the intricate craft of deck building, where attention to detail and quality workmanship are paramount.

Navigating Material Choices: Composite Decks, Pressure-Treated Decks, Vinyl Decks, and More:

Choosing the right materials for your Calgary decks construction is crucial for a lasting and visually appealing deck. Tartin’s deck builders guide you through the options, including composite decks, pressure-treated decks, and vinyl decks, ensuring your selection aligns with your vision.

Aric and his team worked with us on our secondary suite legalization project. From start to finish, communication with Aric was excellent, prompt, and professional. Not only was the end product exactly what we had discussed, the entire team was a pleasure to work with. We will absolutely contact Tartin Wood for future projects. Services: Install flooring

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Financing Available

Do you need a new Deck or Fence but don’t want to use all your available cash? Why not spread the payment out over time? Check out our financing page and contact us to get approved fast.

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