2023 Kitchen Remodel Trends, calgary kitchen renovation

2023 Kitchen Remodel Trends

2023 is turning out to be a great year for kitchen remodels. Apart from rebates for energy efficient upgrades, the design trends are evolving to go back to times when the kitchen was very much the heart of the home, with a modern twist of course. The kitchens of 2023 are stylish, functional, environmentally friendly, and the center of the home. 

Read on to learn about the hottest kitchen trends for 2023 before you start planning your remodel. 

  1. Open Concept

The idea of open concept kitchens is being stretched even further with kitchens getting larger to include plenty of spaces for families to work and play. Kitchens now include spaces for informal entertainment as the concept of a formal dining room fades into the past. What we love is that new kitchen designs consider family members with paws too, incorporating feeding stations and pet beds too. 

Cleverly placed islands, breakfast bars and furniture creates division between spaces while still letting the space flow and look large.

  1. Hidden Storage

Open concepts are in, but clutter is out.  Hidden storage is the rage right now with kitchen designs including clever ways to store appliances and other kitchen items for a clean, seamless look. You’ll see butler’s pantries concealed behind a matching cabinetry panel or a sliding door. They work to store food stuff or even as mini prep stations. You can even consider a hidden breakfast station to keep all your breakfast needs, like coffee machines and cereal boxes, easily accessible but tucked out of sight. Similarly, you can customize appliances to look like the rest of your cabinetry to keep them hidden in plain sight.

Organization is key with customized drawers to store all your utensils and spices and designated storage spaces for appliances like stand mixers that normally occupy countertop real estate.  

  1. Technology and Energy Efficiency

The demand for smart kitchen appliances is on the rise too as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes mainstream. With everything from lighting that can be controlled by a smartphone to fridges that tell you when you’re running out of milk available, you can go as high tech as you are comfortable with in your kitchen. Many smart appliances have great energy star ratings too, so you save on your energy bills. 

  1. Statement Backsplashes

Big bold backsplashes are currently the hottest kitchen remodel trend. Traditional tile backsplashes have been replaced by single slab backsplashes which are made of one piece of continuous material. Materials can vary from huge slabs of granite, marble or even metal to give your kitchen clean, continuous appeal. What we love about this trend is that the single slabs mean that there is no build up of dirt within grout lines making kitchens easier to clean. Depending on your storage needs, you can skip overhead cabinets and extend your backsplash right up to the ceiling for a truly luxurious look.

For a more subtle look, you can match your countertops to your backsplash, so they look like they flow into each other.

  1. Multiple Islands

We all know that the extra space afforded by islands is invaluable. Kitchen islands are getting larger in size, doubling up as a dining space. Large kitchen islands are an especially great solution if your home doesn’t have the space for a formal dining room. Larger spaces can also have more than one island to divide your kitchen into multiple zones. Multiple islands also offer multiple functionality – like one for kitchen prep and the other for work or homework, for example. You can also add additional storage under your islands.

  1. Warm and Natural Tones

Earthy colours have been in vogue for a while now and aren’t going anywhere in 2023. Natural looking cabinetry with wood tones go well with the country-style interior design trends. Pops of colour in accessories or art keeps it from looking boring. You can also include warm metals like copper for cabinet handles for a chic look.

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