Tartin Wood Renovations: your renovation specialist.

Tartin Wood Renovations: your renovation specialist.

Welcome to Tartin Wood Renovations. We are your trusted renovation specialist in Calgary. We offer amazing home renovation services. This will change your house into your dream home. Want to fix up your kitchen, bathroom, or your whole house? We can make your ideas come true.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tartin Wood Renovations is a reputable renovation specialist in Calgary
  • We specialize in home renovations, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and custom renovations
  • Our team is committed to quality, attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship
  • We provide transparent and dependable service throughout the renovation process
  • Contact us today to book a site visit and start your renovation journey with us

Complete Home Renovation Services

We are your Calgary renovators. We offer full home renovation services to make your dream home real. We understand every homeowner is unique. So, we work with you to make a space just for your family.

We make designs that open up space. We remove walls to let in more light and make rooms feel bigger. Want an open living and dining area or a seamless outdoor connection? Our team can do it.

Building Additions

Need more space? Our building addition services are perfect. We can add a new bedroom, home office, or more living space. We handle design, permits, building, and finishing smoothly for you.

We also enhance your home’s outside. Our team installs new doors and windows for better energy use and looks. We offer siding to protect and style your home too.

We can update your home’s inside as well. Looking to change your flooring or paint? Our team uses top materials and focuses on every detail. Your renovation will be top-notch.

At Tartin Wood Renovations, we aim for the best results and happy customers. With our full home renovation services, trust us to make your dream space. You and your family will enjoy it for many years.

Kitchen Renovations

Our services make kitchens functional and beautiful. At Tartin Wood Renovations, we know the kitchen is your home’s heart. We transform it to suit your needs and style.

We offer a lot for kitchen renovations. Our team designs cabinets that save space and look great.

Get the cabinets you like. We help choose a modern or rustic look just for you.

Creating an Open Concept

Open concepts change your kitchen’s look and feel. Removing walls connects the kitchen to other rooms.

This brings in more light. It also makes chatting with family and friends easier while you cook.

Gas Range and Appliances

Get a new gas range to improve your cooking. Our experts install it perfectly.

We can also help get other appliances. They’ll match your new kitchen well.

Stunning Countertops and Custom Backsplash

We have many countertops to pick from. Choose granite, quartz, or marble to match your style.

Our team can also make a unique backsplash. It makes your kitchen special.

New Floors for a Fresh Look

Changing floors gives your kitchen a new look. We have hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl.

These floors are beautiful and tough. They’ll last in a busy kitchen.

Choose Tartin Wood Renovations for your kitchen needs. Our skilled team ensures quality and detail.

We make kitchens to enjoy for many years. Call us to start your kitchen project. Let’s make your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Renovations

Make your bathroom a luxurious spot with our expert help. We specialize in making beautiful and practical bathrooms. We can upgrade your fixtures, make your space bigger, or totally change it. We are experts in making your dream bathroom real.

Custom Tiled Shower/Bath

Bring elegance to your bathroom with a custom tiled shower or bath. Our skilled team makes stunning centerpieces. These not only look good but also give you comfort and a place to relax.

Custom Vanity

Boost your bathroom’s look with a custom vanity. We make vanities that fit your space and needs. This includes plenty of storage and features that mirror your style.

Expanding Layout

Want a bigger bathroom? We can help. Our designers will make your bathroom spacious and practical. They know how to use every inch well.

Custom Steam Shower

Enjoy a custom steam shower, like having a spa at home. Our experts will include everything you want for the best relaxation.

New Flooring

Change your bathroom’s look with new flooring. We have many options, like tiles or hardwood, to match your style and money plan.

New Fixtures

Make your bathroom better with new fixtures. We help you choose and put in the best faucets, showerheads, and lights.

Our careful work and quality promise mean you’ll love your new bathroom. Contact Tartin Wood Renovations to talk about your project. Let’s make your dream bathroom come true.

Basement Development

If you have an unfinished basement or want a second suite, we can help. Tartin Wood Renovations specializes in making your basement beautiful and useful.

We create spaces that fit what you need. We talk about layout and design with you. This makes sure your basement looks just how you want it. Maybe you want a cozy spot, an office, or a place to have fun. We listen and make your dream real.

Soundproofing is really important for basements. Especially if it will be a living space or for fun. We make sure sound doesn’t travel too much. This keeps it private and quiet.

We also do custom cabinets. They make your space work better and look nice. Need storage or a fancy bar? We design and put in cabinets that fit just right.

Need a separate entrance for your basement suite? We do that too. It makes coming and going easy and private for everyone.

Tartin Wood Renovations means top-notch basement makeovers. Our skilled team works with you closely. We make the process smooth and without stress.

Soundproofing in Basement Development

Soundproofing is very important for basement work. It keeps your place quiet and private. We use the best stuff to stop noise from moving around. This makes sure everyone is happy and peaceful.

Quality Craftsmanship

At Tartin Wood, quality craftsmanship is our main focus. We work hard to make sure everything we do is top-notch. Our team of experts puts in a lot of effort to make each project perfect.

We pay attention to the small things because they make a big difference. This leads to an excellent finish that our clients love.

People trust us because we always do great work. We’ve won the hearts of many homeowners in Calgary. They know we deliver amazing results every time.

From start to finish, we handle each task with great care and high standards. This makes our work stand out and keeps our clients happy.

Our team loves what they do, and it shows. We choose only the best materials.

We also use proven methods and new ideas. This makes our work last long, look good, and meet your hopes for quality and beauty.

Choosing Tartin Wood means you get the best for your renovation. We focus on quality craftsmanship in all we do.

We are very careful and proud of our work. This commitment makes us the go-to team for home updates in Calgary.

Transparent Process

We at Tartin Wood Renovations believe in being open. We want you to understand your project fully. We give you all the details on costs and times. This helps you make the best choices for your work.

Our transparent way helps clients in Calgary. You will know what costs and time to expect. So, you can plan well without surprises.

We teach you about your renovation too. This lets you be a part of it. If you have questions, we’re here to answer.

You will understand your project clearly with us. Our open way brings confidence and trust. We want you happy and informed. Let’s make your dream home come true. Contact us today to start.

Visit our website to see how we can help you. We aim to make your dream home a reality with clarity.

Dependable Service

Dependability is key with Tartin Wood Renovations in Calgary. We stick to schedules and finish projects efficiently. Our good name shows our commitment to reliable service.

We at Tartin Wood Renovations keep our promises. Meeting deadlines is very important for renovation success. We make sure to do this without harming our work quality.

We believe finishing projects efficiently is vital. Our team is good at their jobs, paying attention to details. They work hard to not interrupt your daily life. This makes your renovation smooth.

We are known for our reliability in Calgary’s renovation world. We’ve built strong bonds with homeowners by always doing great work. Our reliability brings us our clients’ trust and loyalty.

Choosing Tartin Wood Renovations means you’re picking a top-notch reliable service. We keep you updated always. Count on us to make your renovation dreams come true. We’re all about reliability, sticking to schedules, and efficient work.

Your Trusted Renovation Partners

At Tartin Wood, we’re more than Calgary renovators or home builders. We see ourselves as your committed partners for making your dream home.

We make your creative ideas come to life with our detailed work. From start to finish, we’re with you, making your vision real.

Our goal is a smooth and easy renovation process for you.

Choosing Tartin Wood means we support you at every step. We communicate clearly to meet your needs.

With our experience, we are sure to get you the home you want.

Start your home makeover with Tartin Wood. Let us help create your dream home.


We are really proud of our work in making customers happy. Here are some kind words from people we have helped:

John from Calgary

“Tartin Wood Renovations went above and beyond for me! They listened and did a perfect job. I really suggest them for anyone wanting great work.”

Emily from Airdrie

“Working with Tartin Wood was amazing. They were skilled and kept me updated always. The final work was better than I dreamed. You should use them too.”

David from Chestermere

“Tartin Wood shows what true professionalism is. They were detailed and careful the whole time. They are trustworthy and clean. I highly suggest using them for any redo jobs.”

These nice words are from just a few of our happy clients. We love making great renovations and making our clients’ dreams come true.

Book a Site Visit

Are you ready to start your renovation? Book a site visit with Tartin Wood. We are among the top Calgary Home Renovation Companies. We will give you a custom quote for your project. Our team will guide you every step of the way.

Our expert team will come to your house when you book with us. We will look at the project size, understand your ideas, and offer advice. This advice will fit your needs and budget. We believe talking clearly and freely is vital for a good renovation.

During the visit, we will go over every detail with you. We want to make sure we understand your vision perfectly. Our team values what you think and will offer ideas to bring your dream renovation to life. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and address concerns. This way, you will feel sure and happy with your choice.


Tartin Wood Renovations is your go-to in Calgary. We care deeply about quality, transparency, and trust. Our team has changed many homes, like kitchens and bathrooms, into beautiful places.

We focus on every small detail and craftsmanship. We know your home shows your style and goals. We listen and make your dream spaces come true. Our process keeps you updated at every step.

We make renovating fun and smooth. Our team is skilled and communicates well. Want a new kitchen or a cozy bathroom? Tartin Wood Renovations can do it. Contact us to begin with the best.


What services does Tartin Wood Renovations offer?

Tartin Wood Renovations offers a wide range of home renovation services. This includes complete home renovations, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and basement developments.

What does a complete home renovation entail?

It involves creating a more open concept. Plus, building additions, installing doors, windows, and siding packages. Updating flooring, trim, and paint too.

What services are provided for kitchen renovations?

We can design and install stunning new cabinets. Also, create an open concept to another room, add appliances, and install epic countertops with a custom backsplash. Flooring gets updated too.

What are the options for bathroom renovations?

We offer custom tiled shower/baths and custom vanities. You can also get a new layout, custom steam showers, new flooring, and updated fixtures.

What does the basement development service include?

We include soundproofing, layout and design consultations. Installing custom cabinets and creating separate entrances are part of it too.

What sets Tartin Wood Renovations apart?

We’re known for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a trusted reputation in Calgary.

How does Tartin Wood Renovations ensure transparency?

We provide detailed cost breakdowns and clear timelines. This keeps our clients well-informed at every stage of the renovation process.

How can I be sure that Tartin Wood Renovations will complete the project on time?

We’re known for our dependability. We consistently deliver on our promises, adhering to timelines and ensuring efficient project completion.

What role does Tartin Wood Renovations play in the renovation journey?

We’re committed partners. We provide advice and guidance to bring your creative ideas to life. We aim to make renovation seamless and efficient.

Are there any testimonials from Tartin Wood Renovations’ clients?

Yes, our clients appreciate our communication, thorough work, trustworthiness, and cleanliness. They highly recommend us.

How can I book a site visit with Tartin Wood Renovations?

To book a visit and get a quote, contact us. We’ll guide you through the renovation process.

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